Lemond Spin Bikes

Lemond Spin BikesWhat is it about the LeMond spin bike that makes it an exceptional exercise bike for everyone ?

This brand has been around for quite some time, and the designs of the exercise bikes are far from the typical ones.

About LeMond Exercise Bikes

The LeMond spin bike was conceptualized by the first American Tour de France winner Greg Lemond. He formed a partnership with HOIST Fitness bikes to come out with innovative exercise and training bikes which are now very popular in the fitness world. The Lemond series of spin bikes including RevMaster, g-force UT and g-force RT is a reinvention of the typical fitness bikes, which earned the name a gold standard for exceptional performance and high quality in stationary bikes.

The bikes are designed similar to road bikes, providing users the feel of riding a real road bike. They are equipped with convenient adjustments and revolutionary programs that offer a more efficient and effective training and workout regimens. LeMond bikes are different from each other to cater to the different types of users, whether for those working out or undergoing some training. One size doesn’t fit all, so to speak, that is why the choices are varied. But definitely, there’s one for everyone.

Model Reviews

Here are 3 of the most popular spin bike models from LeMond. They are innovative and unique from each other and most are affordable. There’s certainly one for you that suits your fitness goal.

LeMond RevMaster Pro

RevMaster Pro is an upgrade to the classic RevMaster spin bike model. Designed for serious riders, it comes with a strong X-frame for easy access to the handlebar, seat and height adjustments. This provides riders the maximum comfort they need when indoor biking. It features a Kevlar belt drive for smooth and quiet ride, which also doesn’t require frequent oiling or replacement. The BMX crank can hold up to a greater force which is necessary for strenuous workouts. The center-balanced flywheel (47 pounds) is heavy enough for continuous spinning and the frame is electrolytic nickel-plated that provides its resilience for many years of biking.

LeMond RevMaster Sport

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This specific bike has almost the same features with RevMaster Pro but comes with a 41-pound center balanced flywheel. It features the classic multi-position handlebars with easy to use brake and resistance, where riders can just turn the knob to change the force of exercise. A push on the knob activates the brake system safely and quickly.  The kevlar belt is used which requires low maintenance while seat and handlebars are adjustable for comfort. This is by far LeMond’s most affordable model but offers riders a fun and great workout.

LeMond G-Force UT

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This is actually designed like a real road bike but adjustable to fit any size of rider. It is designed with two wheels (like a road bike), as well as a seat that can be adjusted up and down or forward and backward, depending on the comfort of the rider. Handlebars are ergonomically-designed and adjustable for convenience and comfort during workout. Adjustments are actually designed to make sure of an effective and comfortable workout no matter how intense it may be. Add to these features a 13-workout programs (3 heart rate training), a console that allows USB connectivity, wider base and standard seat clamp post.

A trusted brand in the fitness equipment industry.